Talent Optimization Strategies 

Maria’s passion for people development is what inspired her to become a certified Predictive Index Practitioner and Consultant as a strategic partner with the Center for Victory. It is through this partnership that Maria provides clients with best practices and data driven insight to help organizations and employees achieve excellence in all phases of Talent Management and Strategy Execution. The assessments are easy to use, reliable and scientifically-validated indicators of workplace behavior and Organizational Effectiveness.  Through this model of assessment, knowledge transfer, and consulting support, Maria equips company leaders with the ability to drive business results throughout the organization.

The Predictive Index

The PI is a behavioral assessment that measures how employees will perform at work. Will they do the job? Will they do it well for a long time? Studies show that companies that use the PI assessment have decreased turnover, greater employee satisfaction and higher engagement scores.

Along with the assessments, Maria provides unique training workshops designed to empower her  clients when it comes to optimizing their people, such as:

What drives people? Understanding individual differences

Managing people to perform – Increasing your company’s performance 

Team Dynamics – Understanding team styles to enhance team-building and overall effectiveness 

All of these tools are critical tools when recruiting and hiring top-performers. In today’s tight job market, leaders and human resource teams need every advantage to make the best decisions for the company.

If you’ve been struggling with recruiting and talent management, let’s have a conversation.

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