Raising The Bar
Training your employees, supervisors and managers is the most important thing you can do for your organization. Take for example, the communication skills of your employees. Did you know that we spend approximately 70% of our time communicating with others? Communications can be one of the greatest strengths of an organization or one of its biggest weaknesses. Think you don’t have time for training? If you really want to become a leader in your industry, training is an absolute must, no matter how large or small your company may be.

NEW!!!! The Communication of Leadership:  Building a Culture of Leaders 

You have asked for it – and it’s here! I’ve created this training program for leaders like YOU, who are working hard on changing and improving your company culture, yet you struggle with:   

1.Leaders and employees who lack executive presence. In other words, when team members open their mouths, no one listens. If you can’t get people to buy into you, how can you influence anyone to take action and drive results? You can’t. 

2. A culture of artificial harmony, where people are afraid or uncomfortable confronting one another or holding each other accountable. The end result is wasting time “getting along” and solving the wrong problems because everyone is avoiding the difficult conversation. 

3. Team members who lack emotional intelligence. These are the employees who over-react, get things done by being “professional bullies” and create division within the company rather than collaboration. 

These are significant challenges facing leadership teams today. Although most leaders recognize the critical importance of building a strong culture, many leaders are NOT skilled communicators themselves.

Time and time again we see organizational outcomes – both good and bad – being driven by the quality of the effectiveness of the communication…the conversations, the emails, the meetings.  It is the everyday moments of communication that make us or break us when it comes to achieving our organizational goals. Learning how to give speeches like some of us did in college classes didn’t adequately prepare us. Technology has only made us worse at communicating. And unfortunately, most people think they are much better communicators than they actually are – so little attention or effort is put forth in getting better.

I can help. I teach a simple, yet effective framework that allows leaders to respond, not react. Contact me today to book me for your next retreat or company meeting. And never underestimate the POWER of a conversation. 

Leadership Development Training
At the core of the most successful companies’ training and development strategy is leadership training. Why? Because everything rises or falls with leadership. Can you think of any part of an organization that leadership doesn’t affect? Strong leadership is at the heart of every amazing leadership team and thriving company today.

As a certified facilitator with the John Maxwell team, Maria teaches the key leadership principles that you must follow for business growth. Her content is practical and actionable for an immediate impact on your results.

Maria delivers group training programs either onsite applying the teachings of John Maxwell’s best-selling books to the needs of each client’s business challenges. Her training engagements follow a proven curriculum outline incorporating  instruction along with group discussion and practical application where Maria leverages her extensive professional  background and experience.