How do you know if you’re solving the RIGHT problem?

I read a fascinating article recently in the Harvard Business Review discussing the importance of solving the RIGHT problem. It reinforced for me a philosophy that I have long embraced in my business and with my clients. And that is, the importance of critically thinking about a problem, issue or opportunity before frantically trying to […]

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How Are You Raising Your Game?

Another Monday, and another start to the week is upon us. If you’re anything you like me, you might find yourself running around a little crazy between soccer games, baseball fields, and dance practice. Oh, and keeping up with laundry, chores and (hopefully) working somewhere in between. The weekends are gone in a flash, and […]

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It All Comes Down To The Conversation

Every day, we engage in conversations…with our family, our friends, our co-workers and employees. Some of these conversations are trivial, some may be crucial and some may be downright tough. How much of the time do you get it right, and accomplish what you had hoped to in that conversation? So much of my coaching […]

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This Is What Your Voice Says About You

What does singing have to do with speaking? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Recently, I attended Roger Love’s “Voice of Success” seminar. If you don’t know Roger Love, he’s the #1 Vocal Coach to the stars. He’s worked with everyone from John Mayer to Stevie Wonder and Gwen Stefani…there’s far too many to […]

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