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High performing companies recognize the importance of strategic planning, but it’s not always easy to find the time. The challenge is that most leaders view strategic planning as an event instead of a process. Effective strategic planning is an ongoing process of operating the company in a way that supports the organizational vision. Approaching strategic planning as a necessary “to do” will result in wasted time, money and effort.

Maria is a Certified StratOp Facilitator for Marketplace through The Paterson Center. What distinguishes the StratOp process from other strategic planning methods is that it’s a guided, facilitated process that enables leaders to manage their business as a whole, not as a collection of parts – or silohs- which is vital in today’s globally competitive environment. The process is a highly effective and productive method for building a concise and actionable strategic plan in just 3 days.

The words combined to formulate the term “StratOp” are used intentionally. Strategy is “the art of planning for tomorrow, today.” Operations is “the discipline of taking care of today, today”. The StratOp process takes into account both organizational and marketplace realities. It is the balance of managing today’s realities in light of tomorrow’s opportunities that gives the StratOp its true power. A silent third partner in the definition of StratOp is the word Financial. Both the strategic and operational must be financed.
StratOp has helped hundreds of teams – from Startups to billion-dollar organizations – grow sales and profits. In 3 days with your team, Maria guides you through the 6-step process:

Perspective – Where are we now?
Planning – Where are we headed?
Action – What’s important now?
Structure – What form is needed?
Management – How are we doing?
Renewal – What must change?

You’ll get perspective across the whole of your organization and marketplace, and find breakthroughs in unexpected places.

With a proven process that has helped hundreds of teams and Maria’s expert guidance, the StratOp process will give your organization focus and success.

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