FREE Lesson: Mastering Communication (and the ROI of why it makes sense to)

Here’s a link to a recent webinar I was featured on called “Mastering Communication” with my partners and friends at the Center for Victory.  So much of the work in my coaching and training practice over the years has focused on communication tips and suggestions; advice on how to navigate tough conversations, how to prepare for meetings and coaching/one-on-ones etc. As a result, I created a training class in 2018 to address these gaps that exist for most professionals and leaders today and it’s been an ind-demand offering ever since! This webinar is a high-level preview of the training with tons of effective and practical strategies that you can use immediately. Carve out the 40 or so minutes and watch now!

For those who like to see the true ROI and impact of such classes, here you go:

Client Results from Communication Training 

Transportation company saw a 23% improvement in productivity and a 12% improvement in quality, time, and cost.


Warehouse distribution facility reduced passive-aggressive behavior by 14% and increased trust levels by 15%.

Employee Turnover

Non-profit organization reported an 6% decrease in turnover

Teamwork and Relationships

IT Company eliminated silos between departments and helped employees take initiative to proactively rebuild       engagement and improve company culture.