Pivot Point: Ready to Change… the World

They say that the only thing that’s constant in business is change. I wholeheartedly agree! I would even submit that change is required, and that not evolving guarantees that a company will quickly become irrelevant. Remember Blockbuster vs. Netflix?

That’s why it’s so important to review mission, vision, progress, and challenges regularly. I have this exact dialogue with my clients on an ongoing basis. But, what about my own business? My client base is well-established in my little corner of Northeast Ohio. I am passionate about my work, and I love my clients – especially when they make a breakthrough! I’m living my dream of being my own boss and having meaningful work. It was an overnight success, 20 years in the making!

I could keep everything the same in my business because it’s working. We all know that change is difficult and risky. Yet, as I’ve evolved and grown in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, and the realities of owning a business, this little voice – let’s call it my intuition – has been getting louder and louder. Throughout this year, it’s been telling me to get out of my cozy comfort zone and do something bigger. Full transparency: I ignored it for a while. Deep down though, I realized that although change can be scary, it can also put companies out of business if avoided altogether. So, I took some time to truly evaluate where my business is and where it’s going.

No doubt, I’ve had the sincere honor and privilege of working with some incredible business leaders. It’s been a unique opportunity to positively impact local businesses and those customers, clients, and patients whom they serve. I am humbled by my clients’ work and how they make a difference.

Still, there’s an inner voice saying, “But Maria, how are you growing and evolving YOUR business? What are you doing to challenge yourself? How are you developing and learning in order to add more value to your clients next year? How are you leading by example and practicing exactly what you preach?”

I spent the better part of this year reflecting on those questions, working on strategic planning, attending conferences, talking to my mentors, coaches, consultants, and collaborators. What I have realized is that I want to serve MORE people. I want to make a bigger impact with my work. Specifically, I want to help women leaders and women who are aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s a personal mission for me, because I was once the girl working in corporate who dreamed of a totally different life that was built on my passion, not a paycheck.

Making the transition from a full-time corporate job with a regular paycheck to basically working for free as an entrepreneur is far from easy. It’s one of the reasons I feel compelled to help other women learn from my journey. I want to do my part to get their brilliant, strong, fearless voices heard.

I happen to believe that ALL women – mothers/non-mothers, married/single/widowed, you name it – are warriors. Women have proven to be stronger leaders and better equipped to build relationships, multi-task and make things happen. Women have the potential to CHANGE THE WORLD. As women, we face unique challenges. In addition to practical limitations with raising a family and work/life balance, we also face unspoken limitations placed upon us by what we perceive about what we can and cannot have.

Being a single mother now for the past five years while also running my own business, I have an even greater appreciation of women from all walks of life. It has been an unbelievable roller coaster ride, and I know that my experiences were given to me so that I can share my story and equip other women. I can help other dreamers, doers, passion-seekers, and game-changers to make their voices heard in this world and MAKE THEIR MARK!

So here’s my call to action: With my schedule nearing capacity, I have room for only 2-3 more clients.  Here is the profile of the woman who would benefit most. She:
• is working in the corporate world and is miserable
• has a viable side hustle happening and is serious about taking it from a hobby to a career
• has a deep business desire and passion to create meaningful work
• feels isolated, lost and stuck and that “no one understands.”
• needs a path/plan/strategy from corporate life to dream life
• would benefit from having someone in their corner

If you or someone you know is a fit, let’s get connected and have a virtual coffee meeting!

Here is the link to make scheduling easy for you: LET’S CHAT!

This is a big turning point – for both of us! It’s exciting and scary, as change tends to be. It’s also perfect, as this moment always is!

To my tribe of fearless female leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs: The world is waiting. It’s time to answer the call. Can’t wait to talk to you!